Focus on security

Extensive expertise in security solutions for all types of events
The Security and Risk Management department at Bella Center Copenhagen serves an all-round function, providing security solutions for all types of events.We focus on minimising risks and optimising our solution strategies to create a more secure, productive and worry-free environment. Our 24-hour on-site security staff are ready to handle any unwanted and unforeseen situation so that events can continue uninterrupted. 
To adapt our service to customers’ needs, we can offer the following 24-hour security services as a supplement to our standard solutions: access control and surveillance by uniformed or plain-clothes guards, first aid by trained doctors, special high security service and VIP and individual protection. 
Our staff has great adaptability and is thus ready to handle all types of threats. They will always strive to ensure that you have a positive and unproblematic experience, and that your products are secure when you use our facilities and are on our premises in connection with an event.

Full service provider

  • Access control including x-ray scanners etc.
  • Fire marshals
  • Crowd security
  • Guarding / object, area protection focused loss prevention
  • Special security operations (responders) dedicated first aid services
  • Traffic marshalling
  • Vehicle control
  • Driver services
  • Environmental design, area fortification VIP security, close protection
  • Security counselling services
  • Security training and information services etc.

Facility security standards

  • Closed circuit television
  • Automatic fire warning, automatic water sprinkler system
  • Monitored door alarms
  • Security duty officer onsite 24/7
  • Automatic external defibrillators available
  • Fully supplied first aid office
  • All venue staff trained in safety and evacuation procedures