Responsible Hospitality

Welcome to Bella Center Copenhagen, where responsible hospitality is at the heart of everything we do. We lead the meeting and exhibition industry with a commitment to positive impacts for our planet and its people. Join us on this journey, shaping a sustainable future. Committed to net-zero operations by 2050, we are proud to call it Responsible Hospitality.

Key Facts:

  • Complimentary Climate Reports:
    Since 2024, we provide clients with free climate reports for their events.
  • Certifications:
    ISO 14001 & 20121 certified since 2024, and Green Key certified since 2009.
  • Renewable Energy:
    We generate approx. 30% of our energy through our own 16,000 m2 roof-integrated solar panel park.
  • Zero-Waste Ambition:
    We sort waste into 21 different fractions and send less than 0.5% to landfill (2022).
  • Innovative Upcycling:
    Food waste becomes biogas, and through innovative partnerships we strive to upcycle waste like banners and carpets into new products.

Experience Responsible Hospitality

 Together, let us create unforgettable moments, responsibly.

Certifications & Governance

Aligned with ISO 14001 and 20121, our comprehensive Sustainability Policy guides us to achieve 2024 Objectives, emphasizing increased renewable energy and reduced food waste. Hall D, our latest addition, proudly boasts a DGBN Gold Certification for sustainable constructions, embodying our 360-degree sustainability commitment, which echoes our Responsible Hospitality strategy.

Evidence of our Sustainability Commitment:

  • ISO 14001 & 20121 certified since 2024
  • Green Key certified since 2009
  • DGNB Gold certified multi-arena
  • UN Global Compact member
  • SDG driven (sustainable development goals)
  • Climate impact mapping and annual ESG reporting
  • Signatory to Net Zero Carbon Events Pledge since 2021.

Event Climate Report

Starting 2024, we provide individual climate reports on large events held in one or more of Bella Center’s halls. Our commitment includes transparent disclosure of both internal and client event scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, providing a detailed view of environmental impact. We believe in sharing knowledge. Therefore, your climate report is free of charge. Let us create moments together that leave a lasting impression, and a positive mark on the planet.

  • Free Event Climate Report:
    Get a complimentary climate report on your event.
  • Emission Insights:
    Gain in-depth insights into the emissions associated with the setup and execution of your event.
  • Targeted Emissions:
    We track and measure our environmental impact on scope 1, 2 and primary scope 3 emissions, and we generate a report in line with the GHG protocol. These encompass energy, waste, purchased goods and services, food and beverage, and upstream transportation.

Energy & Climate

At Bella Center Copenhagen, we manage our environmental impact responsibly. By 2050, we aim for net zero operations, with a 50% reduction by 2030. Our strategies include:

Renewable Energy: Our solar panel park covers 16,000 m2, which is the size of two football fields, generating over 2.4 million kWh annually – meeting approx. 30% of our power needs.

Flexible Consumption: We collaborate with several partners to drive the green transition in our neighbourhood, Ørestad, focusing on e.g. energy efficiency and storage.

Conscious Investments: Hall D is DGNB Gold certified, emphasizing a holistic approach to sustainability.

Facts about Energy & Climate

  • With our solar panels, we produce enough green energy to power 537 households with two adults and two children each year.
  • We are proud to be among the first signatories of the Planet Copenhagen Manifesto, where we pledge action on five vital objectives.
  • We are committed to setting science-based targets in 2024.

Waste Management

Dedicated to Responsible Hospitality, we embrace a zero-waste commitment. We aim to minimize landfill disposal by reducing, reusing, recycling, or repurposing materials. Our organic waste is converted into biogas, powering Danish homes, and we enhance waste sorting and recycling efforts in every aspect of our operation.

Facts about Waste Management

  • We meticulously sort our waste into 21 different categories.
  • Our landfill waste has been reduced to less than 0.5% (2022).
  • In the period 2019-2022, we have cut down waste production by an impressive 40%.
  • We actively collaborate with external partners to develop innovative upcycling solutions.

Food & Beverage

In our world of Responsible Hospitality, it is essential that gastronomy intertwines with sustainability. We create memorable moments by focusing on high-quality, seasonal, and locally produced food & beverage, and from fair trade to organic practices, we support ethical standards. Examples of partnerships are Orang Utan Coffee Sumatra and Bybi.

Facts about Food & Beverage

  • Holistic Focus:
    Orang Utan Coffee is quality coffee sustainably grown in Sumatra, supporting farmers, rainforest preservation, and orangutan protection.
  • Biodiversity Partnership:
    Urban bees near Bella Center Copenhagen and AC Hotel Bella Sky Copenhagen produce our honey, cared for by Bybi. In 2023, they produced 152 kg.
  • Sustainable Choices:
    We prioritize seasonal, local, fair trade, organic, certified, and animal welfare-friendly produce, with transparent climate impact.
  • Clean Water:
    Our water stations offer some of the world's purest tap water.
  • Waste Reduction:
    Strategically reduce food waste through training, preparation, and donation to local organizations or conversion to biogas.

Social Responsibility

As a leading hospitality group in Denmark, we take pride in fostering integration and meaningful employment while giving back to Copenhagen. Through initiatives like food donations, Christmas dinners for the homeless, and continuous education for our chefs focusing on sustainability, we are committed to making a positive impact.

Facts about Social Responsibility

  • We collaborate with refugee organizations, job centers, and NGOs to recruit and provide training for career opportunities.
  • Our workforce represents a diverse range of nationalities, promoting inclusivity and cultural exchange.
  • We allocate 5% of our chefs' work time to continuous education, focusing on sustainability and skill enhancement.
  • We are expanding our neighbourhood involvement by partnering with the Municipality of Copenhagen to open a daycare facility, strengthening ties with the local community.