Facilities and services

Our facilities

At Bella Center Copenhagen, we welcome you to a unique setting with facilities that enable us to design versatile and customised programmes for events of all kinds and sizes.

Our meeting and conference division takes a comprehensive approach and is attentive down to the smallest detail. Our service is built on flexibility, commitment and a unique personalised cooperation for every single event, regardless of size.


Bella Center Copenhagen is with its 65.000 square meters of event space and 48 permanent conference rooms one of Scandinavia's largest conference and exhibition centres.

Bella Center Copenhagen is a part of Bellagroup and is one of Denmark's biggest organisations in hotels, conferences, fairs and hospitality. 

Bella Center Copenhagen is Green Key-certified and as such, we have comitted to uphold a high quality in our environmental activities.

  • 65,000 square meters event space

  • 48 permanent conference rooms

  • Over 50 years of experience with conferences and events

Floor plans

All-round service and guidance

At Bella Center Copenhagen, we have many years of experience in hosting all types of events. Our wide range of in-house solutions means that we can offer our many customers all-round service and guidance in connection with their events. We call this a Full Service concept.

We can assist with stand design, registration facilities, IT solutions, catering, security staff, cleaning, decoration and more.

Want to find out more?
You are always welcome to contact us to find out more about our Full Service concept or check out our tasty and sustainable catering, our high-level security and our IT and AV solutions. 

Digital solutions

Hybrid events and virtuel meetings
We have optimised our assortment of digital solutions for hybrid events in collaboration with the other Bellagroup venues.

In-house digital competences
Most conferences and events rely heavily on AV production. Bella Center Copenhagen has its own integrated in-house AV department to enable a successful production and seamless interaction with other components of a specific event. Our committed project managers and AV experts work hard to provide the greatest productions for large and small events.

Our equipment is constantly updated to provide the most innovative and cutting-edge solutions for events of any size.

Our in-house equipment inventory comprises projectors ranging in brightness from 5k to 20k lumens, pulse counters, laptop computers, and 50+ wireless channels.

Network technology
Our network is designed to support many users at one time.

The network is free to use and can easily support up to 35,000 concurrent users.

Focus on security

Your safety and confidence are our top priority being a guest in our house. We are professional and very experienced in planning and handling all types of events - small meetings as well as international congresses. 

Event Security

Quality of taste

At Bella Center Copenhagen, we base our food on the best ingredients and prepare it with care. We use sustainable and locally sourced ingredients to the extent possible and place high demands on our suppliers in relation to animal welfare and environmental considerations.

Read more about our restaurants and catering options.