Responsible Hospitality

We place a significant emphasis on sustainability at Bella Center Copenhagen, and hospitality is at the heart of everything we do. 

For us, hospitality goes beyond only giving our customers and guests the finest service and the highest quality products. It involves accepting accountability for our interactions with others by paying attention to and acting upon our stakeholders, accepting accountability for how our businesses impact society and the environment, and being proactive by assisting in the creation of positive change where appropriate.

Bella Center Copenhagen is a part of Bellagroup, whose activity is centred on the principle of Responsible Hospitality. Because of this core foundation, we aspire to be sustainable in all of our business areas and so lead a 360-degree strategic approach to sustainability. We believe that sustainability is a very good business that benefits the environment, people and society.

The driving force in our business

Energy savings in Bella Center Copenhagen
One of our many sustainable initiatives concerns reducing the total energy consumption in Bella Center Copenhagen. In order to optimise in this area, Bellagroup has collaborated with Schneider Electric in order to compose a new indoor climate strategy for Bella Center Copenhagen. The collaboration has enabled us to track our energy consumption in specific areas of the building, helping us determine new sustainable goals, based on the newly gathered data. 
A part of the transition has included informing and educating our staff about energy consumption and resource optimisation in order for it to be at the forefront of their minds in regards to their respective work areas.
Responsible Hospitality in Bellagroup