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Why Bella Center Copenhagen?

We are professionals at turning any event into a success. Visit Bella Center Copenhagen to find inspiration and to view the many opportunities for developing original solutions. We have collaborated with numerous significant clients over the years, including those in the IT, pharmaceutical, and health sectors among others.

Floor plans

Take a closer look at our floor plans if you need a quick overview of Bella Center Copenhagen's 65,000 sqm event space. Our halls can be custom-built to match your requirements, and we have 48 permanent conference rooms and auditoriums available.


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Responsible Hospitality - ESG

Responsible Hospitality is the driving force behind our business, and we strive to ensure sustainability in all aspects of our operations. This holistic approach to sustainability is what we refer to as "Responsible Hospitality"

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We are experts in making your event a success

Our professional team ensures that your event is successful and that every detail of it is considered. 

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With a total of 1584 rooms, Bella Center Copenhagen provides three separate hotels. One of the largest design hotels in the North with direct access to Bella Center Copenhagen, AC Hotel Bella Sky Copenhagen is the place to stay. Enjoy the commanding view of Copenhagen from the leaning towers of the hotel.

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Copenhagen - The place to meet

Copenhagen has been an attractive destination for tourists for a long time, largely due to the city’s unique combination of architecture, exquisite gastronomic experiences and characteristic Scandinavian design and textiles.


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